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Studio Headphones Guide – If you’re anything like me you’ve probably invested a lot of time at Guitar Center (or whatever music store you live by) and local recording studio’s testing out different audio production workstations. I know I’ve spent a few months deciding what setup I wanted for my production studio. I figured if I’m going to spend the money it needs to be something that will

A. Be good enough to produce quality music (so it pays for it self) Read the rest of this entry »

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AKG K240 Studio Headphones

akg k240
akg k240 | Quality Studio Headphones

One of the best recording studio headphones I’ve ever used. I’m a professional producer (beat maker to be exact) most of my work is featured on EA Game releases and BET. I’ve been in many recording sessions with major recording artist as well as producers and most of them have a pair or 2 of AKGs in the lab. What I love about the AKG K240s They are light, very inexpensive and the sound is flat response which makes it really good for tracking! Most of the time when you’re mixing you’ll want to go back and forth from some studio monitors as well as your headphones but there is no need for that with these cans. You can do you whole mix with the AKG k240s! There are only a few headphones you can do that with and they are priced in the upper $300-$400 range. I think everyone should own a pair of these headphones THEY ARE WORTH EVERY PENNY


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These headphones are on sale through this link.

Akg K240 Features

  • Semi Open (Cirumaural Design)
  • 55 ohm, plug in cable
  • Ease of use (Single Cable)
  • Semi Open (Circumaural design)
  • Self Adjust head band
  • 15hz- 25khz freq range


  • Rugged & light weight
  • Zero ear fat
  • Great clear sound
  • Unbeatable price


  • A little too big for some people’s heads
  • I hate the mini jack adapter it comes with

These headphones are best for

  1. Those who create music
  2. Those who mix music
  3. People in apts or dorms
  4. People who play video games

You won’t find a better pair of headphones especially in this price range…  Let’s see what current have to say about these Akg k240s

David Lewis

The sound quality is better than any headphone I’ve used: They are better than Shures, Sennheisers etc. I’ve been a musicians for many years (since I was young) I have a good ear.

I’ve worn these headphones in session for 8 hours straight without any ear fatigue

review has been paraphrased for size— view the original review here

Sony MDR 7506 Headphones


These Studio headphones have everything a producer needs both on the road and in the lab. Sony’s closed back technology and design gives you comfort during long sessions. Noo need to worry about sound leaking into the recording with these bad boys and the price?… They are a steal!


Beats by Dr. Dre Studio Headphone Review

The 1st time I saw Dr Dre’s headphones ( and the price tag) I laughed. I laughed pretty hard because the 1st thing that hit we was “every wannabe beatmakers,musician, beat programer is going to buy these” “ They really think these are going to be good headphones because of the name”. So I stayed away from them. Over the years I noticed that the reviews (good ones) keep surfacing… Basketball players, other producers, regular consumers, engineers etc. Now I’m a business person, I know how this game works. It not uncommon for people to buy good reviews (not saying monster would do that) but hey I’m a very skeptical person when it comes to investing my money. Let’s fast forward a little bit .. One day I was in Best Buy and they demo were sitting there so I figure “I’ll try them out”. I can honestly admit that the headphones sound great! They are very full sounding, they feel good when wearing them and they come with a nice carry case but let me be real with you. They are not worth the $300.00 price tag.


I did my sound test on these genre’s of music

  • Hiphop
  • Rock
  • Classical
  • Pop
  • Call Of Duty

Of course hiphop sounds good in these headphones (that’s what they were meant for) the bass response in the Beats By Dre Headphones are awesome. Other genres of music sound good in these as well. I also tested these headphones in a gaming environment and they were amazing! The video games sound SO full and rich. It was almost as if I was in front of a really expensive entertainment set up.

If you’re a music producer, gamer or beat maker and your looking for some headphones that really bring out bass, cancels noise then yes these are good headphones. They’d be even better if they were $100-$150 then they’d be incredible for the money.

Right now Amazon has them on sale through this link


  • Great looking design
  • Amazing sound quality
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Kind of pricey
  • A little heavy
  • High priced
  • Takes batteries
  • Short battery life

These headphones are good for

  • Video games
  • Music production
  • Every day headphones
  • Those who love music

Look at what other owners think — Beats By Dre Reviews


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